Get highly profiled leads

Do you want to expand your potential customer base and undertake targeted promotional activities aimed at increasing your business opportunities? Today the Web offers multiple strategies, including the activities of Cosponsoring and Co-registration which aim to develop a customer database useful for E-mail Marketing or Telemarketing activities. We therefore offer the possibility to purchase the ownership of the personal data, for lead generation needs, but we can also rent the data, if the purpose is telemarketing for targeted commercial proposals for a single contact activity.

Concorsi Web will assist you in the bureaucratic phase, providing the necessary documentation and verifying that the promotional initiatives comply with the current privacy regulations

Our technology also allows you to connect your web service, so as to receive the lead at the same time as our collection, which you can use immediately. In both possibilities, you can perform deduplication, a type of compression that eliminates duplicate or redundant data. This guarantees that you always have fresh personal data and new prospects interested in your proposals, allows you to make fewer mistakes and ensures more space and less costs.